Friday, August 7, 2009


real time, high fidelity modeling of the human mind: when and how?

In reference to this article, a friend writes:

I'd love to share his optimism but I doubt we are as close as the author thinks we are. What do you think?

My response:

The mind is matter and matter may be modeled. Required is sufficient data regarding its structure, accurate predictive theory at the cellular and molecular level, and the computational resources to run a model encapsulating these at real time speed or better. The wildcard possibility that much of the real world complexity can be omitted while maintaining behavioral fidelity can not be discounted.

Incidentally, cultured neurons have already been used to control a robot:

I don't know whether to put my money on real or simulated neurons for first high fidelity artificial human brain, but I'm optimistic that I'll live to see it.

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