Monday, September 6, 2010


ATI RV770 (HD4870) OpenCL works on gentoo x86_64

I had the misapprehension that the previous top-end ATI GPU generation does not support OpenCL. Today, I spotted RV770 in the list of GPUs supported by version 2.2 of the ATI stream computing SDK.

My Linux workstation happens to have an RV770-based 512MiB Radeon HD4870. Although my Linux workstation runs Gentoo x86_64 and there is no ebuild for this SDK, installing the SDK was straightforward. Behold, it works:I also came across an OpenCL image convolution routine that I may use in the composite convolution kernel generating, hair finding EA that I am currently developing. I am glad that I'll be able to let the EA run with partial GPU offloading on my Linux workstation. Maxing out the GPU on my windows machine with OpenCL makes screen updates noticeably sluggish, so this is a very nice thing indeed.

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