Sunday, February 26, 2012


Water Wetter and Reservoir Cracking

When the first cylindrical acrylic reservoir installed in my modified, liquid cooled Shuttle workstation cracked, I blamed myself. Perhaps I overtightened the reservoir end caps, or induced excessive strain as I installed it in its cramped location, I thought.

Now, the replacement reservoir, treated ever so gingerly, has also cracked:

This second, identical failure set me to researching the problem more diligently. The cause was not difficult to identify: Water Wetter is known in the PC water cooling community to cause crack development in acrylic/Plexiglas components. So, I am purchasing a third reservoir for this system, and I'm using distilled water + a few drops of iodine as coolant. I'll add surfactant and corrosion inhibitors once I am sure I have found ones that will not cause my cooling loop to shatter!



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