Sunday, November 25, 2012


Using p7zip in Multithreaded Mode to Make a .tar.xz from a Tar Stream Sent Across the Network

My laptop's CPU is slow compared to my Linux workstation's.  I store my backups on my workstation's array, so in the past, I streamed uncompressed tar output through netcat to my workstation, where I piped it through xz and into a .tar.xz file.

Doing a little research, I found that p7zip supports multithreaded xz compatible LZMA2 compression.  With a little experimenting, p7zip worked as a drop-in replacement for xz.

Command executed on the laptop: tar cvp --one-file-system --exclude=/.SWAP /efi / | netcat 61710

Command executed on the workstation:  netcat -l -p 61710 | 7z a -mmt=4 -si tektite.tar.xz.  htop running on the workstation shows that all four cores are utilized:

The resulting .tar.xz file is successfully extracted by tar -xJvf tektite.tar.xz.

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