Friday, August 29, 2014


Running All Of IPython in a Python Debugger

IPython: A tremendously awesome thing that Microsoft supports as a result of some kind of bizarre error or oversight.  I reluctantly pin an award on Microsoft whilest fixing them with intense stink eye and mumbling about war crimes.  "Ok folks, let's give these baby killers a round of applause, they've... uhhhh... wow, this is strange.  They.  Have.  Earned.  It... [2 seconds pass] Alright, that's enough clapping.  Anyone still clapping will be assisted toward more peaceful and citizenly conduct by the Ferguson Police Dept.  Thank you." *drops microphone, ear splitting feedback ensues amidst crackling gunfire and screams*  But, I digress...

IPython: How do I attach a god damned debugger to this thing?  I typically launch it by pressing up in my console three hundred times until I arrive at "ipython", then I press enter.  But this thing accepts a Python script name as a parameter?  And "file `which ipython`" reveals that it's an sh script and not a Python script, so this is never going to work?

Yes, and maybe, depending on how evil the ipython package maintainer for your platform happens to be.  If your package maintainer is a good guy, your IPython launcher script is implemented in Python and looks like this:

# This script was automatically generated by
if __name__ == '__main__':
    from IPython import start_ipython

If it doesn't, paste the above into a something like ~/  Then, you can launch IPython in debugger, for example, like so:

python ~/slickedit/resource/tools/pydbgp-1.1.0-1/bin/ -d -k slickedit ~/

Alright, that's it.  Anyone still here thirty seconds ago is trespassing in their own homes and will be gassed, truncheoned, tazered, and shot by the Ferguson Police Dept in "botched" late-night no-knock wrong-address warrantless drug raids that certainly do not represent retaliation of any kind.

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