Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Doing anything significant whatsoever with QML, part 2

I implemented infrastructure for loading, manipulating, and displaying 16-bit-per-channel images in 30-bit color mode (IE, 10 bits for each R, G, and B component) with QML.

And, on my Linux workstation with a Quadro K6000, running in 30-bit mode, it absolutely works.  Banding in gradients is reduced to being just about imperceptible, even for stupidly evil cases such as filling my 3840x2160 display with a full range grayscale ramp.  On the more practical end of things, microscopy images with subtle gradients finally look not-like-shit.

Source code for this project is available as one of my many GitHub repos.

Stay tuned; when I'm not at the tail end of an 18-hour codeathon, and after I've added more GUI stuff, I'll post part 3 with all the details I really wish had been handed to me on a silver platter when I embarked on this, the QML experience.

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