Wednesday, March 8, 2017


QML expression binds as C++ operator overloads... without QML

It's nice that QML permits binding expressions, such as field_Y = 2 * slider_X. It's not nice that JavaScript is involved. It's not nice that these binds are uni-directional.

Let's solve both of these dumbshit millennial JavaScript fucktard problems, which originate in the extremely endearing habit of kids rejecting the wisdom of their elders in favor of the scrpting flavor of the nanosecond. Good intentions and all that.

C++ operator overloading facilitates creation of any domain specific language you like, such as formal EBNF LL parser and interpreter specification, and these are compiled down to fast code using the three hundred decillion man-hours of PHd CS wizardry invested in whichever optimizing compiler you happen to be using.

Representing data bind expressions is no kind of challenge at all. However, all other people are idiots, leaving it to me to implement this, and I'm rather over-committed. So, we'll see.

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